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The Future of Improving Our Mental Focus

The Only Digital Therapy Supported by 8 successful Clinical Studies


Skylar's Run

Skylar’s Run is a novel personalized digital therapy imbedded in a captivating adventure game designed to improve Attention, Focus & Impulse Control.

The game uses a proprietary brain to computer interface and runs on an iPad

  • 1 Hour per week for 8 weeks

  • Cool mind-control interface
  • Majority of children enjoy playing 
  • Majority of parents want more
  • Safe and medication-free


Better Control Of Attention, Inhibition & Self-Regulation

Skylar’s Run is a clinically validated, non-drug therapy delivered through an engaging, role-playing adventure video game. It empowers children, ages 8-12, to better organize and control their behavior at school and home. 

Skylar’s Run: 

  • Delivers significant improvements in Attention, Inhibition & Self-Regulation for sustained periods (up to 6 months)

  • Safe to use / Well tolerated

  • Can be used alone and in combination with other therapies

  • Trains impaired ‘cognitive skills’ with a personalized treatment curriculum


Within the virtual world of Sklyar’s Run, the cognitive skills of attention, impulse control and self-regulation are developed and mastered through interactive play. Sklyar’s Run is designed to engage and hold your child’s interest with challenging missions, quality characters and a fascinating story.


What is Skylar's Run?

Skylar Run is a role-playing adventure video game played on a Bluetooth® enabled smart device that is digitally paired with the ΛV™ Headset. The game delivers a therapeutic curriculum of 13 cognitive skills designed to improve the child’s attention, impulse and self-regulatory control.
The ΛV™ Headset

How Does Skylar’s Run Work?

Skylar’s Run directly measures, targets, and treats 13 cognitive skills of attention, impulse and self-regulatory control that can be impaired in children.

Using the ΛV™ Headset, the child uses the level of his or her attention state to communicate or control Skylar’s running speed and success within each adventure mission.

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